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This is the Newsletter I would have liked when I finished my Bootcamp. It is a technical Newsletter, not a business or philosophical one.

I will post a new article every week. This Newsletter is not a list of links to the best articles on the web, there are already enough of those. All the articles will be new and written only for this project: GIMTEC.

A clear example is the post Why Do Array Indexes Start at 0.

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GIMTEC is the resource I wish I had earlier in my career. Even now, I still wish I had done the research on some articles earlier. You think that you know a topic but you realized that you don't know it so well when you try to explain it to someone else. It's only after researching, writing it down, or successfully explaining it that you can consider the topic really learned.

In the articles, I try to link the tools and technologies we use every day with fundamental topics of Computer Science.

I am also very interested in the management of software teams. I have seen many different approaches and I have been in different companies. There is not a single best way to manage a team, it depends a lot on the members. Yet, I share what I consider are the best practices or the practices I have liked the most during my career.