Courses to learn the fundamentals of Computer Science.

We don't learn until we apply the knowledge. That's where the courses come in handy. I am building fun projects, guided notes, and plenty of complementary material to apply and learn the concepts.

For now, I have the following courses under development.

Build React and creact-react-app
Learn how React and create-react-app work under the hood by building a similar project.
create-react-app intro
Build a Typescript Transpiler
Learn about interpreters, compilers, AST and type system by building Typescript from scratch.
HTTP Networking
From bits to http headers. Let's build the protocol from scratch.
Build a CPU simulator
You will learn how CPUs work by developing one in your language of choice. For example in JS and the browser.

If you are interested in any of the courses let me know (no strings attached 😉). It will help me know which course to prioritize.

Which courses would you be interested in?