My 5 Favorite Web Development Fallacies
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My 5 Favorite Web Development Fallacies

I decided to make my own list of fallacies in web development.
My 5 Favorite Web Development Fallacies

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a fallacy is:

"an idea that a lot of people think is true but is in fact false." Cambridge Dictionary.

Inspired by The Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing, I decided to make my own list of fallacies in web development.

These are my top 5:

  • More developers means more speed.
  • Estimations are useful.
  • The team will stay the same during the whole project.
  • More features are better.
  • This code is temporary.

They are not the only ones I have experienced. But the most obvious ones that should make us think and they don’t.

Change my mind with a DM on Twitter or mention me with a tweet. I’d love this to be a discussion and update this page every week.

Bonus Tracks

I made a pretty long list of fallacies for this article. It would be a shame to lose others I liked but didn’t make it to the top 5. Here they are.

  • All requirements are clear.
  • Any developer can replace any other developer.
  • Here is the MVP.
  • The MVP is a full-fletched application with more features than competitors w/ multiple years in the market.
  • We work with Agile Methodology, but we want this by this date so we can go live.
  • Developers code eight hours per day.
  • There is a right way to do things.
  • Automated tests means no bugs.
  • Time to write tests is taken in consideration.
  • Agile development means fast development.
  • The prototype will be thrown away.
  • Code Reviews means clean code.
  • Testing is taken into account in the estimations.
  • Given a UI framework, building a new page is fast.
  • Easy and fast are the same.
  • You will see in time that you don't make it in time.
  • Devs only need a few minutes for reporting.
  • A static design is enough handover from design.
  • Developers are just Oompa Loompas.
  • Development is like building a building.
  • Error handling is done in every task.
  • Automated tests are taken care of in every task.
  • Each feature is fully detailed.

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