Christmas Elves and Being a Good Team Member
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Christmas Elves and Being a Good Team Member

I’d love to have a Christmas Elf to help me be a better team member.

Christmas Elves

Thanks to the elves, Santa Claus is always ready for Christmas. Imagine that you had a few elves working for you. What would you ask them to do? (professionally speaking, not at home 😂)

My Christmas Elves

If I had a team of Christmas Elves, I would ask them to do the following tasks:

  • Prepare the meeting agenda one day in advance, and share it with the participants.
  • Take notes during the meeting, summarize them and share them with the participants after the meeting.
  • Review my code before requesting a code review.
  • Prepare the pull request with screenshots, a description of the task, and a list of the most significant changes. In general, make the reviewer fall in love with my pull request.
  • To try to solve the problem before asking for help.
  • Communicate clearly to the team members what I’m doing now and what I’ll be doing next.
  • Explain the context and the problem clearly, and propose a solution when asking for help.
  • Take a look at the upcoming tasks and find possible dependencies or blockers from other teams or projects.
  • Carry all the responsibility for my tasks. I wish the elves would take Extreme Ownership of the tasks I am assigned.
  • Execute the tasks based on the team's priorities, and let me work on the ones I enjoy the most.
  • Manage the stakeholders' expectations and keep them up to date with my progress.

Well, it seems that my elves would be very busy 😂

Unfortunately, I don’t have elves working for me. Yet, the work I would request is worth doing, and I might not be doing it because I am too lazy or don’t enjoy it.

Being a Good Team Member

Many times, I should be doing this or that for my team, but I don’t. I put it out because I don’t feel like it or prefer working on something else. But deep down, I know I’m wrong. I wish I could delegate those tasks to someone else. That’s how I got the idea of the Christmas Elf.

I’d love to have a Christmas Elf to help me be a better team member.

But instead of that, I will try to perform some of those tasks myself.

I’ll be my own Christmas Elf to become a better team member.

How about you? Which tasks would you like your elves to do?

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