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Hello, my name is Llorenç Muntaner, and this is my personal project: GIMTEC.


In 2014, at 30 years old, I decided to learn to code in App Academy, a development bootcamp in Silicon Valley. My curiosity for computer science and programming didn't stop; it just started. I kept on studying to get to the bottom of how computers and libraries work. I have searched for that knowledge in books, conferences, and courses.

GIMTEC is the resource I wish I had earlier in my career as a software engineer.

There hasn’t been a single year when I haven’t taught at one bootcamp or another, from Ironhack, Codeworks, or Propulsion Academy

Self-taught developers and bootcamp alumni are unique specimens in educational terms. We can develop anything needed, but we didn't acquire the fundamental knowledge on how things work inside. Most resources on the internet focus on how to use tools and libraries. On the other hand, the most theoretical knowledge is still mainly taught in universities. But who has the time and energy to go on a five-year college degree?

The articles at GIMTEC link the tools and technologies we use every day with fundamental topics of Computer Science.
Working hard!

With GIMTEC, I am trying to fill that gap. I will write about the relationships between the tools and technologies we use daily, with computer science fundamentals.

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